Inspired by so I made a response to the idea number 8: Imagine. The first level is the one from the original game (with no movement), thanks a lot for @rosden letting me use their art and idea.

How to play

  • Click/touch the screen to go to the next level
  • Click/touch the left side of the screen to go the previous level.
  • The rest is on you, have fun!

There's also a version with instagram stories where I might add some additional bonus levels I'm making:


If you want to imagine more levels feel free to fork the repository and create your own levels and let me know!



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speedrun this game


Its important to know that the current official speedrun™ of this game uses the in game timer, not an actual wall clock. Its a very important distinction since the achievement of 24 frame wall clock run (0.4s)




Loved it


Thanks! If ou liked the concept make sure to also check out the game I mention that inspired me, it has some very interesting ideas to do in games =)